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Top Blonde Hair Color Shades & How To Go Blonde ! Shlomi Mor

Blonde highlight:

The Blonde highlight is very classic hair color compare to other highlights. This color is having shades for every complexion skin tone. Though, most are warm-toned shades, few are platinum, dirty blonde and ash blonde shads. There are 25 shades for blonde highlight, which are discussed below:

  1. Ash on Brown

  2. Smooth Transition

  3. Ashy baby lights.

  4. Cool Baby Blonde.

  5. Beach Sand.

  6. Smokey Brown.

  7. Rooted Silver Ash.

  8. Perfect Ash Blonde

  9. Heavy Ash Bronde.

  10. Textured Root Drop Highlights.

  11. Dirty Ash Blonde

  12. Bronde Magic

  13. Deep Rooted Icy Ash

  14. Ash on Champagne

  15. Ashy ice Melt

  16. Blonde Frost Bite.

  17. Root Melt Highlights

  18. Café Latte

  19. Perfect Placement

  20. Icy Bronde

  21. Fine Ash Blonde Highlights.

  22. Soft Ash

  23. Bronde Contrast

  24. Ballylights

  25. High Gloss Ash Blonde

Blonde balayage NYC:

Hair trend gets change season to season, but color trends will not get change. Normally, it will be little changes in highlights. From past few year, beauty world is having foil highlights, solid all over color to softer and more natural looking style highlights. Every celebrities or anybody are liking it. Some more blonde balayage highlights are available for the summer look. It really gives a stunning look.

Blonde ombre hair NYC:

Recently, ombre highlights became a fashion trend. Ombre is nothing but shades or a tone. Initially, Ombre highlights make hair from darker to lighter. But nowadays some more other techniques are included like in roots of hair will be natural color and hair tips will be more unnatural color something like turquoise or lavender types. Varies of fashion is increasing season by season, celebrities are mostly using this color.

Blonde natural Hair color:

Blond indicate male, blonde indicates female. It is a fair hair with little yellowish color. It gives a little different look for different hair texture. Some international celebrities get Blonde hair naturally because of the weather. There are forty-one shades in Blonde hair. Those shades are described below:

  1. Icy Blonde.

  2. Silver Blonde.

  3. Opalescent Blonde.

  4. Champagne Blonde.

  5. Cream Soda Blonde.

  6. White Blonde.

  7. Creamy Blonde.

  8. Golden Platinum Blonde.

  9. Buttermilk Blonde.

  10. Yellowish Platinum Blonde.

  11. Golden Blonde.

  12. Bright Golden Blonde.

  13. Root-y Blonde.

  14. Sandy Blonde.

  15. Baby Blonde.

  16. Chestnut Blonde.

  17. Icy-Highlights Blonde.

  18. Beach Blonde.

  19. Neutral Blonde.

  20. Brushed-on Bright Blonde.

  21. Updated Frosted-Tips Blonde.

  22. Golden Dirty Blonde.

  23. Light Strawberry Blonde.

  24. Rose Gold Blonde.

  25. Blorange.

  26. Gingery Blonde.

  27. Golden Beige Blonde.

  28. Fair Amber Blonde.

  29. Chocolate Blonde.

  30. Café Au Lait Blonde.

  31. Ashy Blonde.

  32. Muted Strawberry Blonde.

  33. Light Copper Blonde.

  34. Fiery Blonde.

  35. Honeyed Blonde.

  36. Caramel Blonde

  37. Bronde.

  38. Black Blonde.

  39. Light Brown Blonde.

  40. Dark Ashy Blonde.

  41. Practically-Brunette Blonde.

Blonde Hair Extensions NYC:

Hair extensions gives a better look to the human face for longer or shorter period of time. It is an artificial hair which an additional support for natural hair. Some individual use this to cover their full hair. It gives volume to the natural hair and also helps to increase the length and add color without doing any damage of the hair texture. But it can give hair fall to the front hairline where the starting point of the blonde hair extension.

The idea of extension came fast from Ancient Egypt, here men and women use hair extension to give the more elegant appearance.

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