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Are you looking for best medical wigs in New York ! Shlomimor

Wigs are artificial hair made of both males and females for either fashion purpose or medical requirement. Nowadays wigs are not only used as an alternative for balding purpose but also as a head accessory. Wigs are also used as cosplay or for temporarily change of hair color. Wigs are available in different sizes and styles. They are very affordable and best alternative to medical treatments for hair restoration.

When a person starts experiencing hair loss by seeing bald spots on their head or thinning of hair, they can use hair wigs in order to cover their baldness and give their hair extra volume. One can use a full wig which can be irritating sometimes or can also go for simple extensions to cover certain spots. Hair wigs are best if someone is undergoing a medical treatment. Any treatment can cost a fortune and recovery journey to regain the hair back can be long, hence using wigs for time being to cover baldness is the best alternative as it is cost effective and a temporary solution. Wigs are nonsurgical and non- invasive.

There are two types of wigs

Human Hair Wig: made up of purely human hair. These wigs are natural looking. These wigs are made up of hair either donated by someone by his/her will or hair collected in a beauty parlor. These wigs have more flair and can be washed with normal hair and last for several years. These wigs are expensive.

Synthetic Hair Wig: they look alike to natural hair but require extra maintenance. These wigs cannot experiment with versatility. These wigs are not heated friendly except the specialized one. With proper care, these wigs can last for 4-5 months. These wigs are more economical than human hair wig. Both the above wigs can be used for medical purpose but one should see for its quality and material.

Normal hair loss is ok but if you notice a significant change in your hair volume, visit a doctor as it can be a serious issue. Medical wigs are mostly used by cancer patients or patients' undergone chemotherapy. Following are the best medical wigs:

Michelle Petite: this wig is made up of full European human hair giving the most natural look with 14-inch length. Specially designed to provide the best comfort to women undergoing crucial medical treatment.

Contessa Lace Front: this wig if from Raquel Welch. It's 100% Eastern European hair with natural density and softness. The fibers are hand-knotted. It has lace front for more natural appearance and helps in styling.

Courage Petite: this wig is especially for women with alopecia. This wig is of average size and ideal for someone with total hair loss. These wigs are advanced in terms of supreme comfort, stretching and natural movement. They are 100% hand-tied.

Texas Monofilament Synthetic Wig: this is by Dream USA. Short soft waves and flipped back medical grade wig with a hand tied mono cap construction. It looks very close to the real creating a natural appearance of natural scalp and hair growth for greater comfort and confidence. Best in case of heavy hair loss or sensitive scalp.

Papillon hair wig: these wigs are made up of a human hair. They can be refreshed and restyled whenever needed. Can be completely customized. Easy to maintain and hygienic.

Cameron wig: it's by Jon Renau. It's a bob length with layered ends that create shape and movement. The sheer lace allows changing the look. It's 100% hand-tied cap. Suitable for all face type and ready to use directly from the box.

Classic wig: this wig is designed for males. The lace front is special to create the ultimate hairline. Its heat friendly synthetic hair. This wig is light on head and cool. Each fiber is individually hand-knotted. It's for a personalized fit.

Rafa wig: this wig is specially created for women with delicate hair resulting from treatment or illness. These series of wigs are natural looking. These wigs are made up of antibacterial and deodorant processed material. Easy to maintain wigs.

Fair and care wig: these wigs are specially made for chemotherapy patients. This wig is 100% human hair wig. Easily available online and economical.

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