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Which Hair Extension Should I Choose ! Shlomi Mor

With advancement in technology and fashion trends, you don’t have to have ‘long hair genes’ in your DNA to have thick, long, luscious locks. Yes, we are talking about hair extensions. Hair extensions are a boon not only to women with thin hair but for all those who want to accentuate the fashionista in them. But.. But… but… how do you choose the right human hair extension from different brands and types? Help us to help you with your hair extension choices.

Here at Shlomi Mor, we offer human hair extensions like Tape In Hair Extensions, Micro Ring Extensions, Virgin Russian Hair Extensions, Keratin Bonds etc to fit the needs of our customers. This blog post is about how to choose best hair extension that matches your hair texture, your style, and persona. Regardless of whether you have thick, fine or medium hair, don't miss our tips on how to pick hair extension.

How to choose hair extensions

Few important aspects to consider when choosing hair extension set for you are,

Natural Vs Synthetic

When searching for the best hair extensions, you should check whether they are made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Not only they will last more, it will likewise resemble your own hair and can be dealt with moreover. Because synthetic hair cannot withstand heat it’s always better to have natural human hair extensions as you can experiment with straightners or any other styling tool.

Understand your hair type

Before you include any human hair extension to your style cart, you have to understand what your hair type is. This especially becomes possibly the most important factor when it's a great opportunity to choose which sort of hair extension you will pick.

The right length

Another thing to consider is the length of the human hair extensions. In case you’re going to wear hair extensions, then the extensions have to mix well with your own natural hair, and picking the correct length is important. So, ensure that you pick the length painstakingly so you know they will mix well with your own locks.

The amount of hair you get in a set

While picking the hair expansions know how much real hair and what number of wefts you get for your dollars. It is better to invest a few extra dollars initially than have to buy a new set in a year’s time. Pick the extensions that have more hair in their sets. If at all you go with a less expensive one, make sure it has genuine human hair, so it lasts long.

Now let’s take a look into different types of extensions that matches different type of hairs.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Best suited for: Fine, Thin Hair

Tape-in hair extensions are wefts of human hair which can be attached to sections of your own hair using a single or double sided tape. This is an ideal choice for those who has fine or thin hair, as the tape is virtually undetectable. It takes an hour to make this blended with your hair and if you wear tape-in hair extensions without a break, these can last in your hair for 6-12 weeks.

Micro Ring Extensions

Best suited for: Medium to thick Hair

Not suitable for one with thin hair, Micro Ring Extensions are applied by looping the single-strand micro-bead extensions through your natural hair and clamping them for fine finish. Care should be to avoid oil and silicone hair products at the roots to prevent the beads of micro ring extension from slipping.Best suited for: Medium to thick hair

Virgin Russian Hair Extensions reigns the hairstyle all over the world. It is 100% natural human hair extension and has never been chemically treated, colored or processed. It blends effortlessly with your natural hair to give a stylish look.

Keratin Bonds

Keratin-bonds are small 100% human hair extension. The outer cuticle layers of the hair flow in the same downward direction which prevents tangling and blends well with natural hair. If you’d prefer to gravitate to a natural appearing keratin bonds, check-in to Shlomi Mor. They do an amazing job with Keratin Bonds in NYC.

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