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Top Balayage Hair Extensions Types ! Shlomi Mor

Balayage Highlights: Actually, balayage highlight technique came from French colorists in 1970s. It means sweep. This is a freehand technique and this highlights can be used for anyone with any color complexion. This color is like what God give us hair our birth time. It leaves on your hair natural looking shine and sun-kissed hair.

The balayage highlights hair pieces are very close to each other. This color makes the end hair soft because highlights were done at the end of the hair or tips. This balayage highlight gives our hair in 1980s look, but nowadays most of the A-List celebrities want that color. Doing this color you no need wait for the longer time it gives super speedy finish and after that, you no need to maintain much.

Balayage Hair Color: There are plenty of shades in balayage. Like

1.Pearly balayage: This color is sandy brown based with light pinkish purple ends, it totally looks like pearl color after one wash with conditioner.

2. Rose quartz balayage: It gives the spin on our hair. This the newly started.

3. Peach Balayage: In this no need to do color entire hair, it is good for summer.

4.Rose gold balayage: With peach color, people can try rose gold color, the combination will be nice. No need to dye full hair.

5. Blue balayage: This name only it shows blue color, any shade in blue looks stunning.

Balayage Ombre Hair: How balayage is highlighting technique the same way ombre is a shadow. It is a gradation of darker to lighter. People can combine both and apply on hair. It leaves a pretty look.

Balayage straight hair: Normally celebrities like to keep straight balayage hair. Varieties of balayage hairstyles are given below:

  1. Suki Water house’s butterscotch balayage.

  2. Bahati Prinsloo’s honey blonde balayage.

  3. Jessica Alba toffee balayage.

  4. Selena Gomez auburn brown blend.

  5. Elizabeth Olsen’s bronde balayage.

  6. Heidi Klum’s golden brown balayage.

  7. Amber Le Bon’s Liquid gold balayage

  8. Megan Fox’s medium chestnut brown.

Balayage Hair Extensions: Normally people use hair extensions because of the texture blend of their own hair and It can last for long. So many online stores this types of hair are available but those are mix with animal hair. Better to take a suggestion from salon expert and decide according to the face color. Normally, celebrities use this more for fashion, shooting, parties etc.

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