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Human Hair Wigs | 100% Natural & Real

A hair wig is a head covering made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibre. The human hair wigs is mainly sourced from Asia and costs a little more, whereas wigs made from synthetic fibres are affordable. Human hair wigs are heat resistant whereas synthetic hair are not. So, be careful before buying. Buy according to your need and requirement. Wigs are also used as an alternative to medical therapies for restoring hair. Wigs are used to disguise baldness. There are various types of wigs available in market. These wigs comes in various lengths, colours and styles. A wig can give a nice volume to your head and enhance your beauty. A wig can be of a big help to people suffering from hair loss or undergoing some medical treatment.

There are generally two kind hair wigs:

The traditional machine stitched weft wig- these are the widely worn wigs. The hair is sewn on a stretch weft material and come with back straps for adjusting to various head sizes. These type of wigs are typically pre-styled and lack any kind of realistic expectations.

The hand tied lace wig - these wigs are gaining its popularity among the wig wearer quickly. This wig give an illusion of hair growing from scalp, this feature makes it the best among other wigs when it comes to wearing fake hair. These wigs are made with a French lace material base. The lace can be full or partial with a stretch weft back. The wig is made up of hair strands, each hair strand individually stitched into a lace material which create the natural look of hair at the base, this gave the term “hand tied”.

Various type of wigs:

1. Full Lace Human Hair Wigs NYC

2. These lace wigs are made up of lace entirely. Full lace wigs can be pulled into a high ponytail and up dos, which is not possible in lace front wigs. Full lace is usually attached with the help glues and tapes. This hair wig gives a complete head coverage. The one advantage of this wig is that it gives space and allow movement for the hair to grow underneath. These wigs can be adjusted according to different head size. Full lace hair wigs can be little expensive, but it’s worth the money. These lace allow any style you desire, also the maintenance is easy. The way you take care of your natural hair, similarly you have to take care of this wig.

3. Lace front Wig NYC

A front lace wig is a special type of hairpiece in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. These wigs are better because of its invisible hairline, giving an illusion that the wig hair is actually growing out of scalp. These hair lace are undetectable, no one can come to know unless you tell someone. Lace Front wig are usually light weight and much more comfortable than any other wig and also gives a natural look. These lace has been a secrete beauty weapon for around a decade. Many Hollywood celebrity are flaunting them. This wig is the ultimate solution for the people suffering from hair loss or balding, hair thinning or some medical problem and therapy. You can find many best of best lace front wigs online. There are many online stores offering best front lace wigs according to your needs. There are many saloons where you can get them fix on your head.


  • K’ryssma Natural Black long wig

  • Fyonas Hair Natural looking front lace wigs half

  • Short body wave synthetic lace front wigs

  • Luccyhairwig long wavy synthetic lace front wig-glue less and many more.

4. Natural Hair Wig NYC

Natural hair wigs looks and feel like real hair. Natural hair wigs give the exact feeling of natural hair. They feel, weight and move like human hair because they are made up of human hair. Natural hair wigs have a unique softness and shine not easily duplicated by synthetic hair. Natural wigs give freedom to make any style and are also durable and can last for over a few years if proper care is taken of the hair by providing them natural oils.

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