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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing and Styling Your Wig

So you have entered the world of wigs. Great choice! Human wigs are an incredible method to put forth a fashion statement, offer a brief change from your own common hairdo and can fill in as your hair in case of a scalp or medicinal condition. Being a newbie in the world of wigs it is imperative to clue yourself up on what you should and shouldn’t do when choosing and wearing a human wig.


Style your wig: Be it a medical wig or virgin Russian hair wig, when you’ve bought a new one it's critical to ensure the cut and shade of the wig suits your style and face shape. It's a smart thought to take your wig to the beauticians and have them style it for you. This guarantees you're wearing a style that suits you!

(Well, if you want custom made wigs in NYC, consult the best celebrity and fashion stylist – Shlomi Mor)

Go with natural hairline: Hairline is critical in accomplishing a consistent natural look that people will assume is your own. To accomplish this, ensure your own hair is covered up and you line the front of the wig up with your normal hairline. Anything further back or forward will influence the wig to seem unnatural. A lace front wig is ideal for achieving a natural hairline.

Personalise your wig:Use headbands, headscarves, and different hairstyles can make your wiggy look more personality and stylish. You can even curl, straighten or style whichever way you want.

Learn the differences: There are different types like synthetic and natural human hair wigs. While synthetic is less customizable, with human hairs wigs you can bring out your version of style anytime.

Do take care of your wig: Storing, cleaning, and maintaining your wigs properly are the most important things you should do to keep it for long. Keep your human hair wig on a mannequin head or wig stand when you aren’t wearing it. Clean your wig by washing it when required with shampoos and conditioners.


No incorrect sizes: In the event that your wig is too little or too huge, it will show. Wigs that are too tight can harm your normal hair and chafe your scalp. On the other hand, wigs that are too free can slip around and ride up, making excess hair to bulk up at your crown. If you are unsure about the measurements, consult a stylist. (Tip: Check with the stylists at Shlomi Mor as they are the best providing Medical Wigs in NYC)

Don’t wear it round the clock: It is critical to take your wig off, regardless of whether that is each night or once every couple of days, just to pamper your scalp with oiling and conditioning. The hair on the wig is best kept while being washed and brushed off. This will guarantee minimal shedding and harm to the wig.

Don't Use excessive heat: Irrespective of whether it’s a natural hair or a wig, heat damages the natural texture of the hair. Even if you use straightners occasionally, use a heat protection spray and do not use flat irons more than once a week.

No excess products: Too much of hair care products can make your hair look greasy and unwashed. Products should be used no more than once a week.

Don’t wash too often: Cleaning, shampooing and conditioning of your wigs are important. But washing too often could impair on the shine and texture of it. Stylists at Shlomi Mor – the best human hair wig provider in NYC recommends washing the wigs once a month.

Don’t wear it straight out of the box: Don’t wear it straight out from the package. Brush it and if possible hang and let it fall into place. They can become a little tangled on their way to you.

Don’t sleep or shower with your wig: Sleeping or showering in your wig will create unmanageable tangles and disrupt the overall shape and form of it.

We hope these dos and don’t guide help you enjoy your wigs to the fullest.

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