Must-follow tips to keep your Balayage ! Shlomi Mor

Balayage is perhaps one of the most trendy hair coloring techniques these days, and thankfully it is not going anywhere any time soon. This free-hand coloring technique requires little to no touch-ups, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your beautiful balayage. That being said, we agree that keeping up that sun-kissed coverage, especially during summer, is a little daunting. So, we gathered some must-follow tips for having the bestest balayage.

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Touch up occasionally

While balayage doesn’t quite require the six-weekly appointments that highlights at the roots do. To keep your balayage fresh, look to make little tweaks. Doing baby foils or micro-foils at regular intervals will give a grown-out effect. Around the eight-week mark trim it or tone it; if you go for gloss, salons charge around $40-50 and it takes only thirty minutes. A Pretty deal, huh?

Protect from sun

As the hair becomes porous during the highlighting process, color is prone to fade easily, especially when your hair is exposed to the sun. Spraying a leave-in protective conditioner or wearing a hat or headscarf can prevent the sun oxidising your balayage highlights.

Do regular masks

Doing a mask every time you wash will make your hair moisturized and softened. Even though stylists recommend masks once a week Look for products containing protein and moisture lock agents. A dime-sized product is enough to cover the mid-lengths and roots.

Step down heat styling

Embracing the natural texture is better as flat irons and blow drying are no lesser than the sun. So take a break from heat styling in summer days as it roughens the cuticle and releases the color. If unavoidable, use a heat protector.

Condition before you scuba dive

Salt and chlorine are the worst enemies of your hair shaft. So put on a conditioner or a mask first when you swim and scuba dive to prevent the salt water from damaging your balayage.

Maintain healthy hair

While you try hard in maintaining the balayage, if you’re not looking after the health, it will take away the beauty of balayage highlights.

Weekly treatments

An ideal way to keep your balayage look amazing is treatments. If you’re confused about going to a salon for weekly treatment, let us tell you that you could do the treatment at home using almond oil. Rinse hair with warm water, put the oil in and let it be there for 20-30 minutes. Then shampoo and condition afterward.

Don’t wash your hair too often

Washing your hair frequently will strip the natural oils away from your hair. Natural oils can make your hair shiny and healthy, so wash it less frequently and save your time.

Avoid shampooing mistakes

It’s better to use purple shampoos and suitable conditioner. While shampooing massage your scalp and not the ends as it makes your ends drier.