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What are the different types of hair extensions?

Those of you who have had good hair extensions before, and are completely and utterly in love with them (like myself) will have a general knowledge of how to look after them, and should be aware that they are slightly more work than looking after your own hair, but that most of the time, the end result is worth it.

I would like to discuss in this blog, about the differences between the different types of hair available on the market, so that those who are considering getting hair extensions, or that already have had hair extensions can find out a little bit more about their options and what I will recommend you stay clear of if you are looking for quality hair extensions to be a part of your life.


so many people, have never had a good experience with Asian hair extensions. I do know people who have managed to wear them and look after them for up to a year, but most people never been able to put up with them for longer than 2 months. They seem to become very dry, knotty, and hard to manage. this is because the hair has been highly processed (obviously most Asian hair is naturally black - but most of the hair used for extensions is bleached very light and then dyed to popular colours using fabric dye - not hair dye, and then coated with a silicone treatment), it feels great at first, but quickly becomes quite unmanageable. Also if you are of Caucasian descent , you will find the hair just doesn't really tend to blend well with your natural hair, as it has a different texture. However Asian clients though who like to wear the Asian hair extensions, although they still tend to need to replace them with new ones around every 3-6 months.

So much hair on the market, being sold online (usually for quite cheap prices), and through many suppliers who simply advertise their hair as "100% Human Hair" (and don't mention where the hair is from) is Asian hair. I don't personally recommend it or use it in my salon (i used to), but had too many complaints about the hair quality that i stopped using it. Asian hair can be more affordable than other hair types, although as I mentioned previously, usually doesn't last as long, and can be quite difficult to maintain.

There are suppliers and salons out there that will sell you Asian hair but will tell you it is better quality, because it does feel fantastic at first (be wearing of overly shiny & silky smooth hair coated in silicone - it washes off and doesn't last) so it can be very difficult to know for sure what you are getting. I know this because it has happened to me several times. This is why I always test every new product on my close friends, so I know what the quality is like over time and how long it will last


Can be good or really bad. A lot of well known (and expensive) hair extension salons use Indian Hair. It has a good reputation for being easy to maintain, soft, light and long lasting (provided you treat it right of-course). However I have had the unfortunate experience of using Indian hair that tends to shed a lot (low quality bonding), or get a lot of split ends and tangles. It is normal if some hair comes out at first after or during application, although when it continues to happen throughout the life of your hair extensions, can be annoying and costly to replace. I suggest if you are dealing with this to discuss re-bonding options with your hair extension technician.

The main difference between Indian hair and Russian hair, is that the Indian hair tends to go a bit more fluffy and and is more thick requires more frequent brushing / styling.also indian hair is highly processed since it only come in black colors and it needs to be processed in order to be light colors unlike russian hair that is virgin and already comes in light colors which dosent take much processing to get to a light blonde


Russian hair extensions are the creme de la creme of the hair extension world. The hair seems to stay soft and easy to manage for a lot longer than other types of hair. It can still get dry (all hair extensions generally will since they are dead hair - always remember this and don't expect them to just be like your real hair) but when using the right hair care products, the hair will stay silky smooth and look and feel far more natural than the other types of hair. Russian hair is the most expensive than the other hair types, although can last for up to or over twice as long, saving you money in the long run if you intend to wear your hair extensions for a long time. It is also far less of a hassle if you are not someone who wants to put a lot of effort into your hair every single day If you like to do your hair nicely on weekends and some week days, but sometimes your just too busy (or tired) to bother to do anything with your hair, so you simply brush it and put it into a pony tail / bun / or clip for the day and it just stays there nicely until you take it out at the end of the day. you will also find with Russian hair the hair care routine is less strict as the hair is far more forgiving if you don't follow set hair extension care rules

at Shlomi Mor Salon we exclusively maintain a high inventory of russian hair available to our clients as its my favorite hair to work with and is the best hair in the world of hair extensions .

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