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What is the difference between Russian hair extensions and European Hair Extensions?

The concept of hair extensions is not very new especially in a time when women are increasingly conscious of infusing health and strength to their tresses and beautifying them with extensions to make them look gorgeous. However, poor knowledge about extensions and their varieties makes people settle for something that will wear out with time and also does not provide the right value against money. This is where we have Shlomi Mor hair extension specialist working as top stylist in New York and he is qualified and trained expert willing to inform people about the available breeds and the best suited ones for their hair. Though extensions are a great way to safeguard the natural hair from damage since hair styling can be done on them instead of natural hair, in many cases people find it rather difficult to choose between two hair types that look appropriate. The most common hair types used in extensions for white caucasian women include European, Russian and Indian. Since, the Indian quality is very easy to segregate because of its thickness and dark colours, we choose to talk about the relative differences between European and Russian hair extensions

Comparing the two hair types

The reason why most women try to look for a European or Russian hair extension, suiting their personal hair textures is because these hair extensions are lightweight and come in a diverse range of colours. The European hair is especially suitable for those having extremely fragile or fine hair. The natural wave of the hair looks soft and tender when it falls on the sides of the face. The extensions made from European hair requires a lot of work than simply straightening, as it has got a lot of potential. Stylists consider it to be endlessly versatile and highly wearable. The colour variants one gets on this type of hair, removes the need for repeated and aggressive bleaching. In Shlomi Mor salon, the European hair is sold unprocessed because of the smoothness and softness that it exudes naturally. With proper maintenance of these extensions, the hair can be left tremendously glossy and luxurious. The origin of this hair traces back to Italy and Spain. Varying from the conventional European strands, the Russian hair extensions are the finest of the lot. A little heavier than European hair, Russian hair extensions are meant for those who have naturally thick hair. It is also the most enviable hair variety because of its naturally straight, soft and stunningly silky hair which is both strong and extremely durable. However, they must be taken care of by only expert hands since they can tolerate only gentle and tender hair care. Collecting mostly from Europe and Eastern Russia, this hair type is everything every woman desires!

Amongst all the varied types of hair extensions the European and Russian hair types are the most coveted ones when it comes to attaining celebrity style hair. Since it is not possible for people to know about the best type of hair extensions available in the fashion industry today, it is better to settle for the services at Shlomi Mor who provides authrntic Russian European Virgin Hair

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